Having a great web hosting company can make your whole website building process much easier. We use a wide range of different hosting companies for various different reasons and purposes.

Here is our recommended list of hosting providers.


ultimatebrandbible.com and may other niche websites that I own are currently being hosted on bluehost.

Overall just a great company and hosting experience with the added extras that make the low price even more worth it.

Page speed is also something that is important to consider when creating your websites and, at least from the server side of things, the speed that you get with bluehost from their hosting is amazing.

We highly recommend bluehost.


InMotion Hosting

I’ve personally been using InMotion Hosting for many years now and have actually made lots of money through their reseller hosting plan.

Aside from their amazing reseller hosting plan, their wordpress and shared hosting plans are pretty good as well and most of them come with free SSL certificates on all your sites.

I don’t usually buy domains from them, cause their domain prices are not that competitive. I buy domains from somewhere else and then just point the nameservers to my InMotion account and it’s pretty easy from there on out.

They also have great customer service and I’ve never had any issues that they didn’t solve quickly.