20 Things Envato Elements Include (and a Few Things it Doesn’t)

For those of you who are not familiar with Envato Elements, you are missing out. Envato Elements is an amazing resource for freelancers, creative agencies and people who run multiple small or medium-size businesses and create a lot of content and marketing activities across multiple platforms. It is also by far one of the best value-for-money resources available today.

An Envato Elements subscription includes access to millions of digital assets (photos, fonts, graphics, add-ons and templates for websites and presentations), tutorials and ebooks, monthly and yearly payment options, individual or teams plans, and a great affiliate program.

That being said, I think it’s worth exploring all of these points in detail and elaborate on the finer details of what you get with an Envato Elements subscription. It will also be helpful to be aware of the possible limitations to help you make better decisions as to how you can make it work for you and your business.

What is Envato Elements?

Envato Elements, similar to Envato Market, is a website that gives you access to millions of digital assets, created by thousands of creative professionals all over the world. While Envato Market sells its items separately, Envato Elements charges a monthly or yearly fee for access to all of the assets on the platform.

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The Things Envato Elements Include

Let’s take a deep dive into the world of Envato Elements and examine what you would get with your subscription.


At the time of writing this, there are more than 2.2 million digital assets available on Envato Elements along with access to over 50 million additional photos from a third-party website. Here is how these assets are broken down into their respective categories:

1.  Stock Video

As you may be aware, we live in a time where video is absolutely king. Since good quality video is still fairly costly to produce, especially if you need footage from different locations, etc, Envato Elements can be an invaluable resource. With over 800,000 stock video assets including stock footage and motion graphics, you can create videos with very high-quality footage, and for a fraction of the cost, you would pay otherwise.

2. Video Templates

There are also around 19,000 video templates created in After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro. The templates include everything from logo strings, openers, titles, product promos, infographics, broadcast packages and many more.

The upside of the video templates is that you don’t have to be an expert to edit and customize them. Most of them also come with user guides that show you how to customize and change various elements within the templates, which will help you to change things like colors and fonts etc to fit your brand.

3. Music

Another important part of most videos is music. Envato Elements has around 25,000 music files, which include Background music, music With vocals and music Without vocals. The music files cover all genres and you can be sure to find something that’ll suit your needs every time, or that’s been my personal experience at least.

You can also refine your search with a wide variety of filters like tempo, duration, genre, etc, which makes finding exactly what you need so much easier.

4. Sound Effects

Over 150,000 sound effects including Games sounds, Transitions & Movement, Domestic Sounds, Human Sounds, Urban Sounds, Nature Sounds, Futuristic Sounds, Cartoon Sounds, and Sound Packs.

No matter what kind of videos you are creating, you will either need sound effects from time to time or maybe all the time. High-quality sound effects can greatly enhance your videos and with access to all of the ones on Envato Elements, you’ll save a ton of time and money to not have to create the effects yourself.

5. Graphic Templates

Envato Elements‘s tagline is “Design without Limits”, and that is truly the case with around 65,000 graphic templates. This includes everything from Print templates (brochures, flyers, stationary, etc), Mockups, Infographics, UX and UI Kits, Websites, Logos and Scene Generators.

Everything you need to create a brand identity and all the collaterals that accompany it from the logo to business cards, letterhead, envelope, menus, flyers, company brochure, website, etc.

All the templates are created in popular software programs like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop, so editing and customizing them to fit your specific needs are quite easy and in many cases, doesn’t require a professional graphic designer to do.

6. Graphics

Another great resource that any designer would welcome is over 25,000 graphic elements including icons, backgrounds, vectors, patterns, illustrations and textures to enhance your designs without having to create all these from scratch.

7. Presentation Templates

If there’s one thing that almost all professional people need from time to time, no matter what profession or industry, is to deliver presentations. In my career of over 15 years, I’ve had my fair share of presentations, both presenting and receiving. And having been on the receiving end of countless presentations, I’ve seen it all. From amazing ones to ones I wish I would never have to endure again in my lifetime.

Great presentations can do so much for companies or individuals and are something like should always be done right.

With Envato Elements, there are around 35,000 presentation templates to choose from, created in PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides.

No matter what your specific requirement or industry, there’s a good chance that you’ll find exactly what you need here.

8. Photos

Stock photos are a big reason why most people engage with digital asset sites and with Envato Elements, you have access to over 1 million high-quality stock photos.

Aside from that, your subscription also gives you access to a third party stock photo library called Twenty20, which includes over 50 million high-quality stock photos that have access to.

When it comes to the photos though, I have found that more specialized stock photo sites like Shutterstock has a much bigger and better variety of photos to choose from, and easier to find exactly, or at least close to, what I usually need. But that kind of premium quality and variety usually comes with quite a steep price tag, and with Shutterstock and other similar sites, that’s certainly the case.

Nonetheless, with over 50 million stock images to choose from, there’s a good chance you’ll find what you need most of the time, and without breaking the bank.

9. Fonts

Another truly valuable resource included in your Envato Elements subscription is access to around 8,000 premium fonts. These cover all types of fonts including Serif, Sans-Serif, Script & Handwritten, and Decorative fonts.

10. Add-ons

For more experienced graphic design professionals, you also have access to over 2,000 add-ons for Adobe products like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom. These add-ons include actions & presents, brushes, and layer styles.

11. Web Templates

Over 2500 web templates including Admin Templates, Email Templates, Site Templates, Landing Page Templates.


12. CMS Templates

For those of you who don’t like WordPress and looking for alternatives to build your website with, Envato Elements has over 1,000 Drupal, Joomla, Magneto, Muse, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Shopify, Unbounce, Ghost and Tumblr templates to choose from.

13. WordPress Templates

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most popular platforms in the world from building a website with. Envato Market also has some of the most popular and best-selling WordPress themes in the world.

With your Envato Elements subscription, you have access to around 2,000 WordPress themes and plugins.

It’s truly easier and cheaper than ever to build a very high-quality website for yourself or business, even if you have very little or no coding knowledge.

14. 3D

Your subscription also gives you access to around 30,000 3D objects, which you can use to generate still images from at any angle.

Available as PNGs or PSDs (Adobe Photoshop).


Aside from the millions of digital assets, there are also a few other things worth mentioning that’s included in or related to your Envato Elements subscription.

15. Tutorials & Ebooks

One of the coolest things you get with your subscription, especially if you are more of a beginner in this design and digital media world, is access to EnvatoTuts+. This grants you access to over 1,000 courses and over 240 eBooks to help you learn and increase your skill set in this digitally dominated world.

The 24,000+ tutorials include courses & ebooks on design, illustration, web design, code & more.

This alone, in my opinion, makes the monthly or yearly subscription of Envato Elements completely worth it.

16. Unlimited Downloads

Does your subscription include UNLIMITED downloads?

Yes, you can download unlimited amounts of assets per month or year, depending on your subscription plan.

In contrast to the most premium stock image and digital asset sites like Shutterstock, Getty Images, etc, having unlimited downloads per month with Envato Elements means you can get the most value-for-money from your subscription, especially if you handle or oversee a high volume of monthly creative work.

17. Monthly or Yearly Payment Options

When it comes to the subscription fees for Envato Elements, you have the option to pay monthly or yearly.

At the time of writing this, the monthly subscription will cost you $29/month and you can cancel at any time.

The yearly subscription is currently priced at $198/year, which works out to $16.50/month.

Another cool thing about Envato Elements is that if you are a student, you can get 30% off your subscription.

They also have specials running from time to time, especially around Cyber Monday, which can get you a great deal on your subscription. But compared to other premium digital asset platforms, Envato Elements is fairly cheap compared to the amazing value that you get from your subscription 

18. Simple Commercial License

The license you get with your subscription that applies to all of the digital assets available for download on Envato Elements is very simple.

Each subscription gets one license that gives you broad commercial rights and applies to all of the assets on the platform.

Each time you download an asset, you are required to assign it to a “project” that can be easily created under your account. By doing this, it gives you the commercial rights as per the license for that specific asset/s under each project.

Although it is advised to do this every time to avoid any possible legal issues, it is not mandatory and you can simply download assets without assigning it to projects. But in doing this, however, these assets would not be authorized for commercial use under your license.

19. Team Plans

Envato Elements also recently introduced a plan for teams, which is great for agencies or creatives who have a team of up to 5 people working with them.

Team plans start with 2 members and go up to 5 members. You pay per member and the price per member decreases the more members you add. You can save up to 35% on subscriptions, change members at any time and all of your downloads are centralized in one central location.

If you have more than 5 members in your team, then they have an Enterprise plan, which offers custom solutions for organizations, agencies, and teams of six or more.

With the Enterprise plan, you get everything offered in the Team plans plus tailored solutions, dedicated account management, and increased indemnification, according to their website.

20. Affiliate Program

If you want to make some extra money from recommending Envato Elements to others, then you’re in luck.

They have a great affiliate program where you get paid money for sending customers to subscribe to Envato Elements, even if they are current Envato Market, Studio, or Tuts customers.

They offer great incentives and long, 60-day cookies, so be sure to check out their affiliate program if you are interested.

The Things Envato Elements Doesn’t Include

As amazing as a subscription to Envato Elements sounds, there are a few things that are not included that could be approved upon in the future, hopefully.

Here are a few things that are not available with your Envato Elements subscription:

No Item Support

Envato Elements doesn’t offer any support on the items available on the platform.

There are obvious reasons for this. Because the items are created by independent creators who usually offer their own kind of support for people who purchase their respective items, usually for a limited time, Envato Elements offer unlimited subscriptions and would, therefore, clash with creators’ terms as well as put a lot of extra strain on their support channels.

With most assets shouldn’t be an issue. I think the only area where this may be a bit of an issue is with web templates etc, where support would come in handy if you suddenly encounter an issue that you cannot resolve yourself.

No Update Notifications

A feature that you have when purchasing an asset through Envato Market is that you will receive a notification every time your asset has been updated. This will allow you to either download the latest version or simply update the asset.

With Envato Elements, this feature is not available. So that means that you have to keep track of all your assets and from time to time, manually search to see if there are updates or newer versions available for download.

This is once again only something that would be helpful with web templates and plugins, in my opinion.

Quality & Size

The last two things that are worth mentioning are the amount of assets available to you with a subscription along with the quality of the assets.

Although Envato Elements offer more variety than almost any other digital asset platform out there, it does lag behind in the number of available assets when compared to more premium platforms like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Getty Images, etc.

This, subsequently, does make it hard from time to time to find the exact assets that would best suit your requirements.

And lastly, the quality of the assets is not always as consistent as one could hope for. Although this doesn’t apply to the vast majority of available assets, you do encounter slightly lower quality assets occasionally.


So will all considered, I would highly recommend Envato Elements to you if it is something that could benefit your business or you personally. You can easily sign up for 1 month and try it out, as I think you might be surprised at what a valuable resource it could turn out to be in the long run.

If you are ready to take the plunge, click here to sign up or to find out more.

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